American Express NGen Leadership Award

Congratulations Julieta Garibay | Independent Sector's 2015 American Express NGen Leadership Award

Julieta Garibay, campaigns director for United We Dream is our 2015 NGen Winner! Read more about her story as a strong advocate for the rights of immigrant youth from the time few were empowered to stand up for her.

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The American Express NGen Leadership Award honors one accomplished charitable community leader age 40 or under who has already demonstrated significant impact in addressing society's critical needs. 

The recipient of this award must also:

  • Demonstrate transformative impact in his or her field, beyond just his or her organization
  • Display a proven ability to collaborate in innovative, inclusive ways
  • Show how s/he identifies needs, generates solutions, and assesses progress toward goals
  • Model leadership presence.

This award extends American Express and Independent Sector’s commitment to and support of emerging leaders. To learn more about NGen's programmatic offerings, please visit the NGen: Moving Nonprofit Leaders from Next to Now homepage.

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