Beyond the Cause: The Art and Science of Advocacy

Beyond the Cause: The Art and Science of Advocacy is a study that identifies five essential approaches to successful advocacy and analyzes the effectiveness of advocacy on issues facing the entire nonprofit and philanthropic sector.

This study is based on more than 100 interviews, three surveys, three case studies, four coalition profiles, and a detailed examination of the sector’s track record and approach to public policy advocacy on sector-wide issues.

Based on this study, Independent Sector launched an educational initiative to share the findings at IS member events and conferences across the country, including Detroit, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, and at the IS Public Policy Action Institute and 2012 IS Annual Conference in San Francisco. Learn more.

Beyond the Cause Full Report
Beyond the Cause Highlights
Full report includes all section listed

Highlights include executive summary,
section summaries & recommendations.

Read an Open Letter to the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector.

Or follow links below to download or print individual sections of Beyond the Cause. (Revised Edition Nov. 2012)

Introductory Section
  Executive Summary
  Table of Contents, List of Charts, and Acknowledgements
Section I: Essentials of Successful Advocacy
  Summary: Essentials of Successful Advocacy
  Infographic: Beyond the Cause: The Art and Science of Advocacy
  Literature Review: Elements of Nonprofit Advocacy
  Case Study – Human Rights Campaign
  Case Study – Americans for Tax Reform
  Case Study – General Electric
  Case Study – Coalitions
Section II: Sector-Wide Advocacy and Policy Issues
  Perceptions of Advocacy Effectiveness Regarding Sector-Wide Issues
  Network Maps of Organizations Engaged in Sector-Wide Advocacy
  Issue Paper – Nonprofit Tax Exemptions
  Issue Paper – Charitable Tax Deductions
  Issue Paper – Advocacy & Lobbying Rules for Public Charities & Private Foundations
  Issue Paper – IRS Form 990 and 990-PF
  Issue Paper – Government-Nonprofit Contracting
  Issue Paper – Government- Funded Research on the Nonprofit Sector
Section III: Recommendations for Organizations Engaged in Sector-Wide Advocacy
  Appendix A: Rules Nonprofit Advocacy Lobbying and Political Activity
  Appendix B: Sector-Wide Public Policy Issues
  Appendix C: Highlights of Survey Results
  Appendix D: Methodology
  Appendix E: Bibliography

This project was made possible by the generous support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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