Since America‚Äôs founding, volunteers and voluntary associations have provided vital services to our communities. These groups were so central to society that when Alexis de Tocqueville traveled through the country in the 1830s, he complimented them as uniquely American.  Whether to help a single individual or ignite change that benefits millions, people in this country have come together through voluntary organizations for over 230 years.

Independent Sector has long promoted the benefits of volunteering -- both for the community and for the individual. By contributing their time and talent to causes that promote the common good, volunteers provide vital services in virtually every aspect of life.

Value of Volunteer time

National Volunteer week

To help document the enormous impact volunteers have, each year Independent Sector compiles the Value of Volunteer Time, which helps charitable organizations quantify the enormous value volunteers provide.


National Volunteer Week celebrates ordinary people doing extraordinary things to improve communities. This year Independent Sector has partnered with the Points of Light Institute in recognizing the value people give through volunteering to our communities and nation.


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