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100 Days for Good, Independent Sector’s new podcast about what nonprofits, foundations, and anyone committed to the common good needs to know about what’s happening in Washington.

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Episode 1: Welcome to Washington (January 17, 2016)
Independent Sector launches 100 Days for Good with a discussion on how the charitable sector can use this podcast. Kyle Lierman, formerly with the White House Office of Public Engagement, walks us through what really happens when a new Administration takes over. Learn more about this episode.

Episode 2: Reconciliation… Reconciled
In episode two of 100 Days for Good, hosts Kristina Gawrgy Campbell and Jamie Tucker recap the events of the week including the inauguration, the Women’s March on Washington, and cabinet confirmation hearings. We also look ahead to the release of a budget by the Trump Administration. Sarah Kuehl Egge, federal budget expert with Washington Council Ernst & Young, also joins us to discuss the process of budget reconciliation, and how Congressional Republicans might use the tool to advance policy goals around the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and tax reform. Learn more about this episode.

Episode 3: Nonprofits and the ACA
How will the possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, impact individuals and communities we serve and represent, as well as the charitable organizations as employers? Heather Meade, principal with Washington Council Ernst & Young, will help lay out the practical side of the proposed changes. Learn more about this episode.

Episode 4: The Johnson What?
What is the Johnson Amendment? Why is the president intent on “destroying” it? What could it mean for 501(c)(3) organizations across the country and their ability to engage in direct political advocacy? Join our resident expert, Allison Grayson and special guest, Emily Peterson-Cassin with the Bright Lines Project, to learn more about the issue and how a number of nonprofit organizations, including Independent Sector, are responding. Learn more about this episode.

Episode 5: Above All, Advocate
There is power in organizing, but as with all important movements, it begins with individual recognition for the need to speak out and become an advocate. The first few weeks of 2017 have been a master class in the importance and impact of advocacy and the power of organizations. Join us for a conversation with Sarah Boison, a nonprofit professional and key member of the volunteer communications team for the Women’s March on Washington, about the practical side of organizing and implementing an effective advocacy strategy and program. Learn more about this episode.

Episode 6: Special Edition – Johnson Revisited
Thanks to great listener feedback, we take another crack at the Johnson Amendment, hosting a “mock debate” between Jamie Tucker and resident expert Allison Grayson to help talk through in better context some of the various arguments around Johnson Amendment repeal and implications for nonprofit organizations. Learn more about this episode.

Episode 7: Addressing the Address
We take a deep dive into President Donald J. Trump’s first address to Congress and discuss what we learned about policy priorities, what the charitable sector needs to know, and where to go from here. Independent Sector Chief Strategy Officer Jeff Moore joins us to provide his insights. Learn more about this episode.

Episode 8: Healthcare Is, In Fact, Complicated
We have a bill… or two bills… and they may need more. House Republicans are proceeding with legislation to repeal and replace large portions of the Affordable Care Act. Kristina and Jamie welcome back Heather Meade from Washington Council Ernst & Young to talk through legislative strategy, highlights, what happens next, and what it all could mean for the nonprofit community and the people we serve. Learn more about this episode.

Episode 9: Regulatory Changes Made Real
Legislate? What if it’s time to regulate? We’re joined by Laura Weidner of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to talk about the practical advantages and opportunities for nonprofits to engage directly with executive agencies to effect policy change. Learn more about this episode.

Episode 10: It’s Open Season (on Federal Funding)
It’s non-binding, but the president’s budget is a window into an administration’s priorities – and so far what we’ve seen may have serious implications for the charitable community and people we serve. Kristina and Jamie welcome back Sarah Egge of Washington Council Ernst & Young to go beyond the black and white of hard numbers to discuss the potential impact and likely next steps as the Trump administration and Congress navigate budget season. Learn more about this episode.

Episode 11: Judicial Advocacy
We’ll discuss how nonprofits can use the judicial system to advocate for what matters to them. Gregory M. Lipper, partner at Clinton Brook & Peed, and former counsel at Americans United for Separation of Church and State, give us some insights on how judicial advocacy fits into your full advocacy strategy. Learn more about this episode.

Episode 12: Tax Reform – The Devil’s in the Details
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the charitable deduction, and policymakers’ plans for comprehensive tax reform may open the door to strengthen and expand incentives to give in the tax code – but there are also many more potential reform priorities that could impact our work and the people we serve. Join us for a conversation with Hadar Susskind of the Council on Foundations about what the charitable and philanthropic community needs to know in the tax reform debate. Learn more about this episode.

Episode 13: Recess – Back to the Basics
Washington, DC feels a little empty this week with Members of Congress back home (and the president in Florida), but looking back over the first 12 weeks, maybe a little quiet isn’t so bad. Kristina and Jamie discuss the latest news from the city that never turns off its smartphones and share some practical tips for how you can engage with your elected officials during recess. Learn more about this episode.

Episode 14: The Art(s) of Advocacy
The arts community is made of a diverse set of cultural and civic organizations especially affected by recent policy proposals to cut federal funding and limit the incentive for charitable giving. Brandon Gryde, director of government affairs for Dance/USA and OPERA America, joins us to discuss the value of advocacy for arts organizations and how the arts sector has been on the forefront of engaging policymakers around budget and tax issues on behalf of the entire charitable community. Learn more about this episode.

Episode 15: Let’s Talk About Taxes…Again!
As we approach the 100-day mark, the Trump Administration is looking to get all the wins they can to brand this period as a success. Part of that effort is unveiling some details of their tax reform plan. We sit down with Steve Taylor, senior vice president for public policy at United Way Worldwide, to react to Trump’s tax plan. While the Administration proposes keeping the charitable deduction, changes to the standard deduction and other proposals raise some red flags for nonprofits. Learn more about this episode.

Episode 16: Season Finale
We wrap up season 1 of 100 Days for Good and talk about what’s ahead. IS President and CEO Dan Cardinali joins us. Learn more about this episode.

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About the Hosts

Kristina Gawrgy Campbell is the director of strategic communications and public relations at Independent Sector and has a decade of experience in strategic communications and public affairs. Jamie Tucker is the director of public policy strategy and operations at Independent Sector and has more than a decade of experience in public policy and government relations.

Disclaimer: Independent Sector values and encourages the representation of various opinions and points of view as part of our podcasts. The diverse views of our guests may not necessarily reflect those of IS or its member organizations.

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