The Nonprofit Lobbying Guide Second Edition (1999)

Written in 1999 by Bob Smucker and published by Independent Sector, The Nonprofit Lobbying Guide demonstrates the many ways charitable organizations can use lobbying to advance their causes in federal, state, and local legislatures. This guide to advocacy is essential for organizations already engaged in policy work and an invaluable resource for those that want to get started.

The guide is now out of print, but can be downloaded below.

Part One: How to Lobby
Chapter One: Anyone Can Lobby (PDF)
Chapter Two: The Nonprofit Lobbyist and the Legislative Process (PDF)
Chapter Three: Effective Communications: The Key to Mobilizing Your Lobbying Strength (PDF)
Chapter Four: How to Communicate Effectively with Legislators (PDF)
Chapter Five: Developing Grassroots Action through a Legislative Network (PDF)
Chapter Six: Maximizing Your Impact with Coalitions (PDF)
Chapter Seven: Guidelines on Using a Government Relations Committee (PDF)
Chapter Eight: Lobbying through the Media (PDF)

Part Two: A Guide to Technical Issues Related to Lobbying by 501(c)(3) Organizations

Chapter Nine: The 1976 Lobby Law and 1990 IRS Regulations: An Overview (PDF)
Chapter Ten: Special Issues and Regulations (PDF)

Part Three: Why Lobby in the Public Interest?
Testimonials from nonprofit lobbyists (PDF)

Questions, Checklists, Further Information (PDF)

End Matter
References, Index (PDF)

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