The Initiative for Nonprofit Talent and Leadership aims to prioritize leadership as one of the most effective means to catalyze transformational results for thriving communities.

Our Vision for the future is for communities to be thriving, healthy, sustainable, and fueled by a diverse network of inspired and innovative leaders.

Our Theory of Change is that valuing nonprofit talent and leadership through focused investment of time, attention and resources is one of the most effective ways to catalyze transformational results for thriving communities.

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In pursuit of this vision, we proposed the following goals to be achieved in three years.

Rally: Individuals across the sector will champion leadership as one of the leading means to significantly increase the sector’s impact in our communities.
Identify: A critical mass of nonprofit and philanthropic organizations will demonstrate a commitment to best practices in leadership development.
Scale: A significantly increased number of nonprofit and philanthropic leaders will engage annually in high-quality leadership development that equips them to deliver significant results.
Engage: Leverage significant new public and private financial investments in nonprofit and philanthropic leadership development.


Independent Sector has continued to strive for greater leadership in the sector since the Initiative launched. The initiative engaged the broader community in 2012, holding a Town Hall and soliciting feedback from nonprofit and philanthropic leaders across the sector.

Initiative for Nonprofit Talent and
Leadership Town Hall

May 15, 2012

This town hall meeting updated participants on the progress of the Initiative to-date, and sought broad input on the vision, goals, and strategies of the initiative. Watch the Town Hall

Help Carry On the Conversation                                                      

Share your ideas with us by answering these three questions:                                       

  1. How would you describe high-quality leadership development?
  2. What models, promising practices, or existing programs can we identify and elevate?
  3. What strategies and results-driven indicators would advance our progress toward these goals?    

Engage with us on Twitter using #nplead.

Be part of this sector-wide effort to value, elevate, and invest in nonprofit talent and leadership. In addition to online opportunities, we invite you to join conversations at conferences hosted by the Council on Foundations, the National Conference on Service and Volunteering, Social Impact Exchange, Grantmakers in the Arts, and Independent Sector.

The Initiative is an effort by a coalition of cross-sector leaders including American Express, Annie E. Casey Foundation, Aspen Institute Program on Philanthropy and Social Innovation, Center for Creative Leadership, Commongood Careers, Corporation for National and Community Service, Public Allies, and Rudin Family Foundations, among others.

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