Faith and Philanthropy
This report from Independent Sector and the National Council of Churches detailed the extraordinary philanthropy of America's  givers to religion. Faith and Philanthropy: The Connection Between Charitable Behavior and Giving to Religion revealed that households that give to religion are the bedrock of giving to the nation's nonprofit organizations. Households that give to both religious and secular causes give more money and volunteer more than households that give to only one type of organization. 

Faith and Philanthropy explored the links between faith and charitable giving and illustrated how the values and beliefs of religious-giving households influence their decisions to make donations and volunteer to all types of nonprofit organizations.

Faith and Philanthropy revealed:

  • Over 85 percent of religious-giving households supported secular organizations;
  • Fifty-two percent (52%) of all households gave to both religious congregations and secular organizations, but those households account for 81 percent of all donations;
  • Households that give to both types of institutions gave more to religion ($1,391) compared to households that only give to religion ($1,154); and
  • Fifty-five percent (55%) of dual-giving households gave to at least two other kinds of organizations.
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