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Every day, America's communities needlessly lose the resources their charities could have used to meet their needs. Money, food, and land that could have been donated to develop counseling programs for at-risk youth, provide nutrition assistance to hungry children, or preserve swaths of pristine land are instead diverted, wasted, or permanently lost due to uncertainty over the status of the tax incentives needed to make these donations possible. Learn more.

The House and Senate are poised to consider the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act, which would make permanent three charitable giving tax incentives which have been expired since January 1, 2015.  The giving incentivized by these provisions helps to promote and fund the crucial work of charitable nonprofits at a time when demand for nonprofit services continues to rise and outpace donations. These incentives have proven their effectiveness and must be restored and made permanent. 

Take Action 4 Good - Your Voice Makes a Difference

Please join us in urging Congress to pass the PATH Act to restore and make permanent these provisions that are so important to our communities and the many people charitable organizations serve across the country!

Take Action

Step 1: Send an email to your Senators or Representative. In 30 seconds or less, you can send an email directly to Congress, using draft language we have created especially for this issue. Enter your state here to begin.

Step 2: Engage on social media. Use Twitter and Facebook to urge the leaders of the powerful tax-writing committees, Congressional leadership, and your own Members of Congress, to #Act4Good and pass the PATH Act.

Sample tweets:
  • @NancyPelosi I stand w/ @IndSector & support permanent charitable giving incentives in the PATH Act #Act4Good
  • Inaction on tax extenders means less general ops funding for #nonprofits & charities: Support PATH #Act4Good #JobsAndGrowth

Prefer to call Congress? Look up the contact information for your Senators and Representative and leave a message or ask to speak with their staff to discuss the importance of permanent giving incentives in the tax code. Download a script here.

Short on time? Send us your stories! Send a note to our policy team about why these provisions matter to you.

PHOTO CREDIT | Center: The Campus Kitchens Project, Right: Conservation Corps Minnesota and Iowa Stream Project, courtesy The Corps Network

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