Building a Narrative to Shape Our Future

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Wednesday, November 29 - Wednesday, November 29, 2017 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (ET)

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What does the nonprofit sector do better than anyone else, and how can we tell this story in a more effective way? If you missed the Sector Narrative Workshop at the Our Common Future in Detroit, join us for this interactive webinar.

Join Independent Sector and Ogilvy Wednesday, November 29 at 12pm ET for an interactive webinar to learn about efforts that are underway to craft a new narrative about the charitable sector‘s role in civil society — and share your thoughts on the sector’s unique contribution.

Now more than ever, a unified story about our contributions to communities and the nation at large is needed to increase understanding of our work— and that story must resonate with people outside of the sector in ways that build both understanding and support.

On the webinar, we’ll discuss your views of the most pressing challenges facing our sector today, vision for the future, and get your input around our sector’s unique value in civil society.

It’s time for our sector to find its voice and its narrative.

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  • Marnie

    Tried to register, had to reset my password, got a 404 page. Then tried to register again and it wouldn’t let me get past the survey (message you already completed this survey). So, don’t know if I’m registered or not. Looks like a great webinar.

    • Jackie Brennan

      Hi Marnie. Thanks for your interest in the webinar and sorry that you’re had issues with registration. If somebody from from our membership team hasn’t already followed up with you to solve your issues, you should hear from them shortly!

  • Christa Beall Diefenbach

    I had the exact same issue as Marnie. Could you please register us on the back end?

    • Jackie Brennan

      Thanks for letting us know, Christa, and sorry you’ve had the same issue. If somebody from from our membership team hasn’t already followed up with you on the issue, you should hear from them shortly!

  • Of possible interest – Gates-funded research about how to swing the skeptics and cynics regarding the positive impact of global development work. I suspect the principles hold true in general regarding strengthening communications relatability.

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