Resources for Developing a Code of Ethics

Independent Sector strongly encourages all of its members to have their own code of ethics, approved by their board, and available to the public on their website. If your organization has not developed a code of ethics, we strongly encourage you to do so.

Adopting a code of ethics is but one part of a larger process of being an ethical and accountable organization. A code of ethics describes the ethical principles that an organization, its staff board and volunteers agree to follow. It must then be complemented by policies and procedures that give details about how the principles in the code will be put into practice. Codes, policies and procedures, while essential, are only effective if they are followed and become part of an organization’s culture. Therefore, it is important that both board members and staff are involved in the development of a code of ethics, that the board approves it, and that policies and procedures are put in place and followed to address issues of ethics and accountability on an ongoing basis.

Independent Sector offers a broad collection of resources on our website to assist in this process. We also have the codes of other organizations which you can consult and resources that will help you with the process of developing your own code.

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