Charting Impact

At the heart of Charting Impact are five powerful questions that require reflection and promote communication about what really matters – results.

For each nonprofit or foundation, Charting Impact encourages strategic thinking about how it will achieve its goals. Responding to the five questions creates a unique report that shares concise, detailed information about plans and progress with key stakeholders, including the public.

Research conducted in 2012 shows that demonstrating impact to donors, the community or major funders is the number one reason why organizations complete their reports. This “aha” moment comes once they discover the added value that grows out of the Charting Impact process.

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Why Charting Impact
Donors often have a difficult time finding information about the impact your organization has had and what it will do into the future. Completing a Charting Impact report provides an accessible, concise way to tell your story and include qualitative and quantitative detail. Donors can identify your mission, find alignments with your goals, and help you achieve them.
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The Charting Impact Resource Center
The Charting Impact Resource Center is intended to serve as a suite of tools to support nonprofits and foundations in the completion of their Charting Impact report and to maximize its use. The Resource Center provides historical information on Charting Impact, strategies for completing the report, links to evaluation and impact tools that may help as your organization prepares to answer the five questions, step-by-step webinars on the what, why and how of Charting Impact and much more.

Charting Impact has been generously supported by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

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