The Swing

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Legendary jazz musician Wynton Marsalis was on television during the recent fiscal cliff debates talking about lessons Congress could learn from jazz musicians. An odd thought, considering the free-wheeling reputation held by practitioners of the genre. Marsalis noted that in jazz everyone in the group gets their solo but they come together in the end to create great music. He called the coming together -- the swing -- suggesting lawmakers needed to get in the swing to create a democracy that works for America.

We look forward to hearing more from Wynton Marsalis when he kicks off the Independent Sector National Conference on Sept. 29 with a presentation/performance that examines what the charitable sector might do to take the LeadOn: Innovation.
Other speakers confirmed to appear at the IS conference are Stephen Heintz, president of Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and Geoffrey Canada, CEO of Harlem Children's Zone. We’ll share more information about their presentations in the coming weeks.

Registration for the Sept 29-Oct 1 gathering of nonprofit, foundation, and corporate giving program leaders is now open. Register while early bird rates apply and save $700 or more. Visit for more information.

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